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Bucks party ideas

A bucks party is a big night for any groom-to-be - it's a rite of passage and something of an iconic milestone event for a man who is about to be married. There is however, good reason as to why some of these parties are believed to get out of hand - let's face it; the bad rap has been thoroughly earned. And while the onus is on a party theme heavily laden with booze and bad behaviour, there are other ways to celebrate a man's transition into married-land - without losing a handful of brain cells in ways nobody will remember anyway.

The new black when it comes to celebrating a bucks party, is the experience or adventure party; something that will keep you and your friend the groom sober for longer, and create lasting extraordinary events that everybody will actually remember and want to talk about. And for that one guy - we all know that one guy - who won't - there are pictures for you to tuck into his shirt sleeve when someone pours him home to his grumpy wife in the early hours of the following morning.

Appetite for Adventure

Experience gift vouchers can be purchased for everything from wine tasting to shark cage diving, and when it comes to some of the ultimate adrenalin rush experiences - you are literally spoilt for choice. Has your mate always wanted the chance to drive a real V8 race car, burning rubber on a real race track? Or have they wanted to experience parasailing or skydiving? This is the chance you and your friends have to get together and plan the ultimate bucks party that your friend will never live down - or never forget.

Watery Wanna-dos

Bucks parties don't just have to be one raucous day or night for that matter; there are adventure tours like swimming with sharks - bet nobody has tried that one for a bucks party before? Take a group of tenacious and very brave friends out into the open sea and see the legendary Great White Sharks themselves, wild and glorious in their very own natural habitat. Go cave diving and experience the magic of the depths of the marine jungles, far below the sea.

Other marine adventures that can be booked online are swimming with dolphins or dolphin encounters, where you can be immersed into the wild open waters, and be surrounded by pods of dolphins, where they come to interact, play and swim all around you.

This is a one of a kind adventure and an experience that will be hard to top, ever - and the perfect idea for the beginning of an epic bucks celebration, with impressive memories to last a lifetime.

In addition for not getting your mate wildly drunk and plying him with a stripper, you will also cement yourself firmly in the happy favour in the eyes of your friend's wife to be - which could go a very long way in keeping boys' nights going long after the wedding is over.

Variety is the Spice of Life

There is everything from hot air balloon safaris, wine tasting and golf days - just about everything you could dream of that will make your friend's buck night one he will remember forever. If you don't fancy getting on a boat or into a race car or floating off on a balloon, or your budget just plain won't allow it, there are plenty of options that you can choose from that you and your friends will enjoy.

The cooking classes are an excellent choice - just make sure you get somebody to drive your festive crew to the next party while the revelry continues and make sure there is somebody to drop that one guy at home early - just don't let it be the groom. Double up your cooking class with a wine pairing and you are off to a good start in style. Normally these classes have a fantastic rep for being a bit disorderly - which is why they are so popular. But they are definitely going to hit the budget a lot less than a 4-day shark cave diving expedition will.

Ever thought of hitting the circus, going caving or indulging in a spot of bungee jumping before lunch? Then the experience voucher will get you and your friends there in a jiffy. There is a bona-fide trapeze class experience - 2 hours of swinging upside down like a circus performer will really work up an appetite. But if you are going to give this one as a gift, it would be a good idea if your friend was ever so slightly fit, otherwise it could feel like he has been assaulted afterwards.

Bungee jumping is also another one of those that you have got to be sure about. It's not the kind of memorable day you had in mind perhaps when your friend looks like rigor mortis has set in from sheer panic - also you are not going to score points with his fiance if you haven't cleared a big adventure like this with her first; all in the name of post wedding boys' nights of course.To get good ideas from us, please visit Bucks Party Ideas. To get good ideas from us, please visit https://www.pokerdeluxe.com.au/bucks-party-ideas/

There are fishing trip tours, multi-day kayak adventures, camping and caving, quad bike riding adventure trails, rally driving and off road motorcycle courses, paintballing experiences and even flying lessons to choose from. And if you and your mates are in charge of planning and organising a bucks party for a friend, you won't have to do much except rally around for a bit of money from the other guys to go towards it. Double up an experience day like abseiling or caving with a camping trip - there's nothing like a boys' weekend away with a few cold beers and a roaring BBQ at the end of a long day.

And if you really do like the idea of one of the experience gifts online and are worried about how much some of them cost, there is an entire section dedicated to experience gifts under a $100, so that means that you will definitely be able to find something to fit any budget for a spectacular bucks adventure celebration.

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