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Hen's Party or Hen's Night is the most awaited event for the bride and her women friends that precedes but surpasses the wedding in its excitement! One can make it extremely creative by adding as many scintillating and titillating trappings as one can. Girls go overboard in finding new ideas to make their hens parties different, unique and memorable.


A lot of creativity can go into the invitations to a hen's party - in the way they are designed, in the manner they are sent out, and in the suspense they create! The invitation can itself set the mood for the party if crafted and sent out right!


The theme is one of the main factors that makes a hen's night different. The theme can be fun, spicy, seductive, unusual, or all of these and more! The themes range from a simple colour code of the dress to an ostentatious fancy dress party with hundreds of options in between! The dresses should have a common idea that would create a sense of togetherness and camaraderie among the girls. The ideas can be contemporary, historical, romantic, sexy, adventurous, outlandish or downright crazy! The theme would be the reason why the hen party would be remembered forever by the guests.


The party games are a feature that would add life and spice to the party. They can help in breaking the ice and creating an atmosphere of fun and laughter. Besides, the right party games help in highlighting the right topics and giving attention to the right person, which of course is the prospective bride!


Plan the menu and the drinks and, most important of all, choose the right venue! The setting is the most important element that makes or breaks a party! Get the setting right and you have a rocking party! The party can be outdoors or indoors, in a park or a restaurant!


In Sydney, you have numerous waterfront restaurants around the Sydney Harbour! Or better still, you can have an exciting hen's night cruise onboard a spectacular showboat with exciting music, sensational dance performances, amazing magic shows, sparkling wine, and delicious a la carte dinner! If you wish to, you can have a whole deck with its own bar to yourselves! Get the girls together on an incredible hen's party cruise! Explore the breathtaking Sydney Harbour! Enjoy the lights, the dance, the music and the magic! Make sure the party is just as special and distinguished as the bride to be! Read more from our blog https://www.pokerdeluxe.com.au/bucks-party-blog/


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