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No one knows how to party like a sports player. The players that seem to do the most partying and get into the most trouble with drunken and questionable behaviour, I think, are possibly those in football or rugby teams. Local teams in Scotland definitely know how to have a big party. If you wanted someone to throw you an amazing bucks party, you would want it to be a footballer from anywhere in Edinburgh. These guys are experts in throwing notorious parties, and it is common knowledge you will have a wild stag party with anyone in Edinburgh.


If visiting Edinburgh for the first time, the standard places people will advise you to go are Edinburgh Castle, which happens to be Scotland's number one most visited attraction. Then there is the famous Royal Mile, a street in the city which happens to be a mile long street linking the Castle with Holyrood Palace, the Queen's residence in Edinburgh. We're not sure how many boys on stag trips visit these places, and if you're allowed to drink on them. However, you'll never know if you never try!


What is it about Edinburgh that makes it especially notorious and the most sought after as a stag party destination? It attracts people from all around Europe, but especially from London, since it is far away enough to be exotic, whilst not having any dramas that might be associated with other countries such as language barriers (even if it is a particularly strong Scottish accent), flights and other expensive tickets.


Due to these factors it has since become a hub for Bucks Parties Sydney. Now there are many specialised stag weekend service providers set up in the city that offer professional partying services. The word spread quickly, and the more these parties occurred and ended up making headlines, the more this makes Edinburgh more popular and renowned as a destination for stag do's. It is a vicious cycle, and is the reason Edinburgh is now the new party capital of Europe. To get party awesome go here https://www.pokerdeluxe.com.au/bucks-parties-sydney


It's a wonder they don't do it professionally, but sportsmen in Edinburgh town are known for their wild parties especially out of season, it is their time to let their hair down. One man we know once got so drunk he broke in to an Edinburgh house. In a professional manner he presented himself to police and even had independent blood and urine tests after being charged. The tests are understood to have taken place immediately after the 21-year-old man was released from the Edinburgh watch-house that day and was not investigated by police any further. This occurred at 4am on a Sunday after he attended the bucks party of his teammate on Saturday in Edinburgh. His friends said he was so drunk he kicked the door in of the house in a university student's house.


Stag weekends like this might result in you having to appear at the Edinburgh Magistrates Court in embarrassment, and paying for expensive legal representation. You do not want your or your best friend's stag weekend to end this way. Of course you are meant to have a party, it is a long tradition of men before their weddings. Women have their hens nights too, and usually get up to some mischief. Hens do's are not as well known to end in something like the above story.


My friend mentioned in the incident was recently involved in a training trip around Edinburgh. His rugby coach has identified the man as one of the exciting young players to emerge from the trip aside from all of his party incidents. He is not due to resume training with his team until next month. His manager said no decision had been made about whether the man would be stood down. The rugby league in Scotland would obviously like to get to the bottom of the matter before determining how to proceed. "We are still looking to receive full facts on the issue" is the usual official position they have been known to take.


So there you go, another stag party ending up in the headlines. The controversy seems to follow these men. Don't let this happen on your best mate's stag party weekend.

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